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The presentation below is a must read for any transmedia storyteller because it highlights the opportunities for so many new ways to tell stories as experiences. Mobile isn’t just a communications device, it’s a portal between fact and fiction. We can use data from the mobile as triggers for new storytelling opportunities.

The Quantified Self is a movement concerned with tracking everything about a person’s daily activity – the places they go, the people they meet, the energy they burn getting there and so on. All that data can be used to control the mood of fictional characters, to control a fictional weather system, to build online “vitality” that can be burned in online gaming, as cues as to when to release new content….

With wearable computing technology, we can use social activity on Facebook or Twitter to vibrate our clothing or change the lights in our home. Why would we want to do that? To create ever more immersive experiences that imagine the confined console game world exploded and played out in real world spaces.

This presentation from JWT is a great round-up of what’s happening in mobile and really inspires lots of ideas!

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