Transmedia Podcast – Live Action Role Play (LARP) with Carl Heath

robert | November 14, 2012  ‐  5 Comments

Robert Pratten (https://twitter.com/robpratten) talks with Carl Heath, LARP designer and player talks about live action participatory storytelling.

Find Carl here: https://twitter.com/carlheath

Here’s a whole bank of links Carl sent for further reading!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knutpunkt (Nordic LARP convention)
http://www.celestra-larp.com/ (Battlestar Galactica LARP in Göteborg, Sweden, run in english, march 2013
http://knutepunkt.blogspot.no/ (Nordic LARP convention
http://www.thecompanyp.com/ (Swedish Pervasive Gaming company)
http://alternaliv.se/ (swedish) (Swedish LARPing company)
http://www.sverok.se/ (swedish) (Swedish gamers association)
http://www.tii.se/ (The Interactive Institute – my workplace)

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