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Earlier this year at SXSW we ran a short interactive story/game for the Three Little Pigs. The big idea was that the audience votes to kill the first two pigs and the wolf.

As Conducttr becomes more powerful so I’ve been looking for tools to help model or represent my interactive stories. I recently found and it’s great simulator. Below is the simulation I created for The Three Little Pigs. In this sim, you can only kill the 1st pig in Act 1 (while he’s in the house of straw). In Act 2, you can kill pig 2 but his first brother, if alive, dies with him. Finally in Act 2 you can kill the wolf.

Having simulated the triggers and latches in I can then quickly create this in Conducttr and make it live on social media. Very cool.

Three Little Pigs

Here’s the file if you’d like to run it yourself 😉

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