Robert Pratten - Founder

Robert's experience uniquely places him at the intersection of entertainment, social media marketing and telecommunications. He is an experienced marketing consultant with more than 20 years experience and has been an internationally recognized expert in the field of Intelligent Networks having advised clients such as Ericsson and Lucent on international pricing, positioning and market entry strategies. Robert left the board of a leading European consultancy in 1999 to attend the London Film School. He has since written, produced and directed two award-winning, critically acclaimed feature films - London Voodoo (2004) and Mindflesh (2008). Robert has established himself as a thought-leader in the field of transmedia storytelling through major contributions to the evolving field in the areas of new business models, development processes and documentation. He is author of the book Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling: A Practical Guide for Beginners.

Alexey Ossikine - Founder

Alexey is the CTO at Transmedia Storyteller and also the the Founder and Managing Director of Convasis, a product development firm specialized in interactive web applications. Alexey's passion for software development began at the age of 14 when he launched a personal social networking website at his high school. Since then, he has worked with a number of start-ups and established enterprises to develop data-rich web applications. Today, Alexey's background positions him as a product development expert in social media, content management, and analytics. Prior to Convasis, he served as CTO of Crelligence Media, a Boston-based social media marketing start-up. Most recently, Alexey was named among "America's Best Young Entrepreneurs" by Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Alexey’s work has also been featured in The Boston Herald, Entrepreneur Magazine, BostInnovation, America.gov, and other publications.