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At the European Broadcast Union (EBU) TV Summit in Copenhagen last week, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd founder and CEO, Robert Pratten, presented our vision for future storyworlds:

  • PERVASIVE – Available on any device, anywhere and at any time. Blurs real world and fictional world.
  •  PERSISTENT – Story evolves even if you’re not engaging with it. Aggregate audience activity and real-world environmental factors shape story development in real time.
  •  PARTICIPATORY – Allows audience to interact with story characters, locations, things and each other.
  •  PERSONALIZED – Audience members have personalized experience based on past activity and permissions granted to storyworld.
  •  CONNECTED – The audience journey across touchpoints is intelligently managed to create a seamless, integrated experience.
  •  INCLUSIVE – The experience accommodates a range of devices and audience engagement styles such that it’s not only users of expensive smart phones and tablets that get all the fun.
  •  CLOUD-BASED – Network intelligence communicates with peripheral devices to deliver the other six tenets

The full presentation focused on TV’s role in a much broader non-linear entertainment ecosystem with these seven tenets of future storyworlds applying equally well to any entertainment and news business. Needless to say, our vision of social TV is rather more social, participatory, personalized, pervasive, persistent and connected that the currently available check-in apps.

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