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Transmedia storytelling is taking the audience on an emotional journey that goes from moment to moment.

Our lives are a continuous stream of time & events. What the storyteller tries to do is join that stream and create a moment: a special event that means something. This special event stands out from all the other events because it delights, it enthralls… it engages and this is a moment.

When we approach the design of our experiences in this way it leads to an alternative way of drawing the “user journey”. Rather than presenting rows of platforms and zigzagging lines representing the audience crossing between platforms, we start with rows of audience types – keeping the audience constant and showing the platforms they encounter on their journey.  The connecting lines now show how the platforms connect to each other to create an integrated experience.

The diagram below is a partial screen shot from Conducttr to illustrate the point. In this project, parents and children are working collaboratively and you can see the middle row are the shared moments.

19-10-2013 19-05-22


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