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Creating a transmedia experience with Conducttr is a three-step process:

3-easy steps

  1. use Conducttr to describe your story
  2. schedule when content is to be published and/or link content to interactive events
  3. publish your story to the Story Engine.

Conducttr takes care of the rest.

It’s Your Story

When describing your story, you write the characters, plot and other story content as you might usually – by tapping at the keyboard. You then layer that content across multiple platforms and tell Conducttr when that content is to be made public.

You can also define interactions with the audience to publish content in response to incoming emails or Tweets directed to your fictional story characters. This is all accomplished without writing any code or messy metadata abstraction. Conducttr does not attempt to “understand” your story – all the intelligence comes from you, the author. It only knows to act in a certain way because you’ve told it to watch for a particular set of circumstances – the number of views on a YouTube video, for example, or say an incoming email with the phrase “London Voodoo”.

Audiences are unaware of the existence of Conducttr because they simply interact with media as they have always done – reading, viewing, commenting, linking, clicking, texting and so on. Conducttr is the unseen puppet master or conductor coordinating and tracking media and the audience as intended by the author.

Core Benefits

The core benefits of Conducttr are:

  • allows anyone with limited technical skills to easily develop, implement and manage transmedia projects: creative people can focus on the storytelling and forget about the technology barriers,
  • quicker and cheaper development and deployment of transmedia projects,
  • simplified and improved content management of multiple media results in fewer errors & mistakes,
  • experience in developing a transmedia project with Conducttr can be re-used on the next project and hence further reduce the time and cost of implementation and management,
  • ability to measure audience engagement and the progression of audience between media.

Diving Deeper

To better understand Conducttr, please explore the following areas: