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08-09-2013 16-15-08

StreetReads is an initiative running in Brisbane, Australia that takes people on a location-based choose your own adventure (CYOA) story. It’s been written by Emily Craven who is currently running a Pozible campaign to raise money to pay writers to do more of the same.

I thought would be nice to show how someone might create a story-experience of this kind for their city (or village… or museum). The video below is a step-by-step guide from creating the story in Conducttr through creating a WordPress site and working with Google Maps. You don’t need to use Conducttr for this but it does make life easier, quicker and the content & collaborators easy to mention… (and all the metrics on the QR code access is kept in Conducttr).

A couple of points that aren’t made in the video that are worth knowing:

a. make sure you get organized so that you can always follow the story while you’re developing it (and during execution)

b. don’t make it time-pressured or a competitive race. The reason not to do this is because reading a story at a location is something to be savored and unhurried. Add any kind of competition and the two modes of enjoyment (reading and winning) tend to clash… usually with the competition winning at the expense of not enjoying the story.


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