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Making-of-JDT-26Here’s the moment our transmedia experience kicked off with a live performance! Below is the official press release…well, translated into English, the Spanish version is here.

Using Conducttr we’re building a MMORPG that’s played out on social media and real life across the whole of Spain. In future posts we’ll have a full case study.



CANAL+ joins forces with Transmedia Storyteller Ltd., headed by Robert Pratten, to transform Spain into a huge storytelling canvas with one the world’s most ambitious transmedia entertainment experiences. Called 19Reinos, it will include, among other things, live events, a 5-episode webseries, a location-based online game and strong participation on social media.

Working from the premise “Si lo vives es verdad” (If you live it, it’s true), which is the motto of the communication campaign of the forth season of Game of Thrones in Spain, CANAL + has created an online multiplayer game that is also played in real life and that kicked off with the shooting of the video Aparición (Apparition) – one of the spots of the new season of the series in the presence of 300 fans from across the whole country. 

The project is led by Belén Santa-Olalla, senior creative consultant at Transmedia Storyteller Ltd. with extensive experience working with leading brands in the entertainment and education market and supported by Robert Pratten, CEO and founder of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd. Pratten is a world expert in “transmedia storytelling”, which aims at creating powerful audience engagement through multi-platform user experiences. The project is made possible through a technology called Conducttr, that Santa-Olalla describes as a “pervasive entertainment platform”. Pratten, CEO at Transmedia Storyteller Ltd, comments “Conducttr revolutionizes entertainment and marketing because it delights fans with fictional stories that are blended with their real lives and allows the Canal + to develop a truly converged media strategy that encompasses social media, TV, press, PR and live events.”

From the beginning of the first season of Game of Thrones, CANAL+ has built a communication strategy aimed at fans of the series that has materialized in projects such as Grito de Guerra (War Cry)Guía de Poniente (The Westeros Guide) and for the second screen Vive Poniente (Live Westeros). All with the objective of fostering the loyalty of a big community of fans and customers with more than 180.000 followers on its Facebook page (

According to Berni Melero, Chief of Multimedia Communications at CANAL+: “Television as entertainment has not been only content consumption for years. At CANAL+ we do our best to offer and share with our customers and fans immersive experiences about the contents we have and they enjoy so much. Thanks to Transmedia Storyteller and their technology, this year the experience Game of Tronos in CANAL+ will be much more personalized and participative”


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