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The SXSW Panel Picker 2015 is now open!  Here’s our pick of the transmedia panels. We’re bunched them into

Publishing and Content Strategy

Rethinking Publishing: Our Success Story


Ok, this is one of our panels. Nataly Rios and Alison Norrington reveal the secrets behind The Chatfield hotel. We’ll discuss the opportunities that transmedia offers for the publishing industry:



  • Creating worlds filled with characters and storylines that coexisting on different platforms
  • Integrating books, webseries, blogging, social media and interactive games
  • How brands and sponsors can be incorporated into transmedia projects to boost audience engagement.


Distribution First – developing branded content

Brand Cinema panel will discuss the challenges that brands face in the digital and interactive worlds:

  • The possibilities that digital platforms provide for creating entertainment narratives and immersive experiences.
  • Innovation is the way to stand out, but how can brands use digital networks to create new and exciting content and products?



19Reinos – A Game of Thrones immersive experience 


This is another one of our panels. Belen Santa Olalla, Robert Pratten and Purificación González from Canal+ discuss the production and creation of 19reinos, the transmedia project that promoted the launch of season 4 of Game of Thrones in Spain:

  • Spain was converted into a battlefield through a massive referral twitter game, complemented by a webseries, live events, location based quests and social media activities.
  • Break down the creative process of an ambitious transmedia project.
    Discuss about how to design big immersive experiences that captivate and engage audiences.


Frankenstein vs Austen: Modern Interactive Stories 

Pemberley Digital will discuss their reinvention of classic stories:

  • Discuss the use of interactivity to engage with young audiences.
  • Use social platforms like Youtube, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to bring the characters to life.
  • Discuss the creation of multiplatform content and how pre-scripted and real-time narratives can coexist in an effective way.


The Paradox of Interactive Cinema: Screening + Q&A 

Nolan Funk and Máté Bede-Fazekas will discuss their experience and screen their interactive film ‘Two Strangers on a bar’:

  • Interactive film in which the audience will be able to use their phones to affect the plot and impulse the encounter of the two characters
  • Reflection about the intersection of interactivity and filmmaking
  • Discuss the different opportunities that interactive filmmakers have nowadays.

Watch here the interactive trailer of  ‘Two Strangers on a bar’: 


Banshee & Transmedia: The Future of Television

This panel discusses Banshee, the first transmedia project for Cinemax:

  • TV series in which each episode has its own comic book that can be used to discover characters’ back-stories and unlock online content
  • The use of Vine platform to provide a glance to the characters’s lives, reflections and conflicts
  • Discuss new ways of engaging viewers by using technology and digital social platforms.



Swartzshield: a transmedia storytelling case

The awesome guys at discuss the immersive experience of Swartzshield:

  • Interactive project that takes the audience into the world of hacking and Internet freedom
  • Create awareness and consciousness about privacy and corruption
  • Discuss how gaming can be used to create a greater impact in audiences and to better explain social issues.


Interactive Media and Values Education 

Carnegie Mellon University discusses their experimental media class:

  • How can interactivity and transmedia projects ‘spark inquiry’ and provoke interest in social problems?
  • Discuss how to explore sensitive issues by making use of interactive media.


Creating Interactive Comic Books for Social Change 

Rattapallax will discuss their interactive comic book:

  • The project combines a graphic novel and augmented reality to address issues of gender-based violence
  • Discuss the use technology and art to initiate social change.

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