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Transmedia Podcast – “Two Strangers Meet in a Bar”

Nataly Goico | November 13, 2014  ‐  No Comments

TwoStrangersNolan Funk and Máté Bede-Fazekas talk to Nataly Rios (@natygoico) about their experience developing the interactive film “Two Strangers Meet in a Bar”, in which the audience collectively decides the path of the story. They discuss the process and challenges of creating such an innovative experience coming from a non-interactive background, and converse about the creative possibilities that interactivity and transmedia offer.

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Watch here the Interactive Trailer for the film:
Strangers Still 2






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Transmedia Podcast – Phrenic World

Nataly Goico | November 5, 2014  ‐  No Comments

the-doll-tweet-startMike Vogel (@mikev) talks to Robert Pratten (@robpratten) about moving from films to transmedia and the development of Phrenic World (@PhrenicWorld).

Check Phrenic World here: http://phrenicworld.com

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Watch Phrenic Origin: (First 7 episodes)

Also, listeners should go get themselves screened at Life Identical ; )

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