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Transmedia Podcast – Enter The Lodge (Twin Peaks)

robert | April 16, 2014  ‐  No Comments

enterthelodgeEnter The Lodge is a twitter sequel to the popular Twin Peaks TV series. The show ended in 1990 but the show’s character Laura Palmer vowed to see us again 25 years later. Patrick and Emmett Furey discuss the creative and production process of creating a four-week twitter show!

Interviewed by @robpratten are the writers Emmett Furey (@emmettfurey) and Patrick Furey (@trickfurey)


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Transmedia Podcast – Wuxia

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wuxiaWuxia is the story of a fox and a child that go on a journey to find a whale. It’s told through a picture book and an ipad app.

The experience is designed to develop the child and develop the parent-child relationship.

In this podcast, creator Jonathan Bélisle discusses the design thinking and world of user experiences.

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And visit the story page here.

Interviewed by @robpratten

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Wuxia the Fox – Augmented Book & iPad app from SAGA on Vimeo.

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