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Transmedia Project Pitch Sheet

robert | May 23, 2013  ‐  1 Comment

Simple one-sheet to help transmedia storytellers present their projects. The aim is to get some consistency of presentation so that those listening can “get it” more quickly.

También aquí en español

Crisis Management Simulation

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Corporations can find themselves in the midst of a public relations crisis at any time: many are ill-prepared and crisis teams frequently not adequately trained .

Using Conducttr, corporations can now train staff to deal with the unexpected using either their own custom-created simulation or an off-the-shelf template developed by our partners. Similarly, PR firms can develop their own simulations and offer clients exclusive repeatable, measurable training exercises without the labor-intensive and costly paper-based alternatives some offer today.

Conducttr makes any crisis feel real because it simulates communications from all of a corporation’s stakeholders and direct that communication to different crisis team roles – across mobile, email, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and so on. Unlike other simulation software, Conducttr frees the crisis team to work through a crisis by communicating and collaborating with each other rather than having their heads glued to a computer screen. Indeed, Conducttr-based crisis simulations don’t even need to be in a class room and team members don’t have to be in the same location.










Example – Blink Mining Crisis

Developed by Professor Mary Waller Ph.D. at the Schulich Business School. Professor Waller drew from empirical research and her experience in organizational behavior and team dynamics to design an intensive scenario, create content, administer the simulation and, post-simulation, analyze team performance and conduct an in-depth debriefing session with participants.

35 participants registers in teams of five as C-level executives. Each team represents a fictional mining company. The simulation runs for 2 hours.

At the start of the simulation, a bomb is discovered inside a mine. The teams must manage a successful resolution to the crisis by making crucial decisions every 8 minutes or so. Failure to respond in the allotted time results in participants being informed that a default decision has been made for them.

Seven characters representing external interests such as institutional investors, the press, the Government’s Minister of Safety, and angry workers contact participants via email, SMS, and Twitter. Conducttr also simulates a stock price feed reflecting the company’s changing  share price as the crisis unfolds.


Build your own simulations with Conducttr

Transmedia Podcast – Wastelander Panda

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Wastelander Panda is a post-apocalyptic tale about the survival of Wasteland’s last remaining panda! Interviewed are producer Kirsty Stark, writer/director Victoria Cocks and Marketing/Distribution producer Ella Macintyre.

Podcast discusses the crowdfunding, distribution and writing process as told to @robpratten


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Mozilla Popcorn and Conducttr

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On Saturday, Belen and I attended a day’s introduction to Mozilla Popcorn. We separated into different teams and explored with others the possibilities offered by Popcorn Maker. Below is a remix of the result of my team’s collaboration. In this example Conducttr is responding to tweets with character thoughts.

While Popcorn Maker is easy to use and very quick to create prototypes, right now I feel that the best is to be had via popcorn.js and the employment of a developer.

For example, I managed to create a basic video timeline trigger using the Conducttr API with an “unauth” request and the popcorn.js plugin Code and method getJSONP.   This simple ping could be used to count how many viewers reach x seconds into the video or to publish a tweet etc.



Transmedia Podcast – Fernando Marías

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fernandoHoy en entrevistamos a Fernando Marías, escritor y novelista español que publicó “El silencio se mueve”, la primera novela transmedia en España. Publicada en 2010, hoy podemos echar la vista atrás y hacer análisis del proceso creativo, la acogida del público y del avance del fenómeno transmedia en los últimos años.
Entrevista por Belén Santa-Olalla, @Belen_Santa