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Transmedia Podcast – Numinous Place

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Author and producer Mark Staufer talks about his interactive story Numinous Place and how it may or may not spread into our lives!

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Your interviewer as always: https://twitter.com/robpratten

Guest Mark Staufer


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Transmedia Podcast – Alt-Minds

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Alt-Minds is the transmedia entertainment experience from Orange and Lexis Numeriquehttp://www.alt-minds.com/

Robert speaks with Stephane Adamiak from Orange Content Division about how the project has been designed and executed – including the decision to make parts of the experience pay-to-play.



Full time Position: Product Manager

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Deadline for application: 20th Dec

Location: East London & Soho, UK

Start Date: asap

Salary: Competitive

Transmedia Storyteller Ltd is a start-up at the cutting edge of new entertainment and marketing formats made possible by social networking and the trend towards branded entertainment and ubiquitous computing.

This is an exciting and challenging position working directly for the CEO who is an industry thought-leader. You must be comfortable working with a high degree of autonomy in a fast-paced, unstructured startup environment and be ready to take on any role if the need arises. If you’ve been heard to say “that’s not my job” then this really isn’t a job for you.

We wish to hire a Product Manager for our flagship product, Conducttr. This is a professional, cloud-based transmedia storytelling service for anyone who wishes to build interactive, cross-platform entertainment & marketing experiences.


  • Work with development team and clients to determine and communicate product strategy
  • Build a product roadmap and execute it
  • Identify market segments; create feature packages and pricing
  • Manage the product development process from conception through design, build, release, analysis and iteration
  • Develop marketing materials, pertinent for each market segment, including presentations, white papers, blog posts and live experiences that showcase Conducttr
  • Work with new and existing clients to help them design, implement and play-test their experiences
  • Test new features while in development and report bugs and improvements
  • Write proposals and respond to requests for information
  • Manage community outreach including support for hackathons, transmedia jams and so forth.


You have the following skills and attributes:

  • Either a recent graduate or up to 2 years experience in technology or marketing
  • University degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering or Marketing
  • Outstanding written and spoken English
  • Creative problem solver & analytical thinker with attention to detail
  • Self-starter with positive, can-do attitude
  • Excellent timekeeping, time management and project management skills
  • Fearless use of Excel, Word & Powerpoint
  • Understanding of APIs, relational databases and object-oriented programming.


  • Understanding of the concept of spreadable media and practical use of social media
  • Knowledge of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) or pervasive gaming
  • Enjoy playing or creating RPG/Adventure, strategy or board games (e.g.  Fallout 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Skyrim)
  • Experience in a creative field such as filmmaking, scriptwriting, theatre direction, transmedia storytelling or games design.

Transmedia Startup Weekend – getting started

robert | November 24, 2012  ‐  4 Comments

For those considering the transmedia weekend on Feb 1st, here’s my thoughts on how I would approach this creative challenge.

First let’s look at the rules (or “anchors” in my jargon):

a. theme must be about “The City”

b. tell a story across 3 platforms

c. one platform has to be physical found in the city

d. has to be built in 54 hours

e. should have a viable business model

You have two potential starting points:

START POINT ONE – experience first

Something about these anchors – particularly using the physical space –  implies I should be thinking “experience” before “story”. So that means I’m going to think of the audience goal and giving them something fun to do and then create a story to justify it. But it can’t be just anything to do so now I circle back to story and try to find the premise. What does “the city” mean to me? What do I want to communicate with this experience? Is it a place of disconnected lonely people? Is it an intriguing place with lots of hidden gems?

START POINT TWO – story first

A story comes to mind about characters who live in the city or control the city; or life in the city. What does “the city” mean to me? What do I want to communicate with this story? Is it a place of disconnected lonely people? Is it an intriguing place with lots of hidden gems?

For readers that get into this story, how can I take them deeper? How can I make the story contextual so that the city takes on a new meaning when viewed through the lens of my story? What might the reader do to experience the world of the story as though they were a companion to the protagonist?


I’ve listed a series of steps but these are iterative so once you’re at the end circle back to the start.

step 1: what do you want to communicate about the city? what’s the premise? (e.g. “city life corrupts” or “cities dehumanize people” or “cities collapse time” or “cities energize people” or “cities connect people” etc….)

step 2: sanity check: are there enough people who agree with this point of view to make this a financially viable project?

step 3: how will you express this in an experience?

step 4: where’s the money coming from? Will people pay to play this experience? Will the experience generate insights that someone else is prepared to pay for? Will someone pay to have their place of business included in the experience? Can I sell media/book/app/website? Is there a multiple of these that works?

step 5: sanity check! Read blog post on location-based games: few people actually bother to raise their finger to click a mouse or cross the street to buy a coffee so what’s the frictionless way they’ll connect to this experience?

step 6: read blog post on intrinsic motivations: how will the storyworld be designed to satisfy these human needs?

step 7: refine the narrative. Write the story that communicates the premise and supports the experience.

Once you have these down then we can look at the detailed design decisions.

Transmedia Planning

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Transmedia Podcast – Live Action Role Play (LARP) with Carl Heath

robert | November 14, 2012  ‐  5 Comments

Robert Pratten (https://twitter.com/robpratten) talks with Carl Heath, LARP designer and player talks about live action participatory storytelling.

Find Carl here: https://twitter.com/carlheath

Here’s a whole bank of links Carl sent for further reading!

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knutpunkt (Nordic LARP convention)
http://www.celestra-larp.com/ (Battlestar Galactica LARP in Göteborg, Sweden, run in english, march 2013
http://knutepunkt.blogspot.no/ (Nordic LARP convention
http://www.thecompanyp.com/ (Swedish Pervasive Gaming company)
http://alternaliv.se/ (swedish) (Swedish LARPing company)
http://www.sverok.se/ (swedish) (Swedish gamers association)
http://www.tii.se/ (The Interactive Institute – my workplace)

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Transmedia Podcast – Episode 11 – Lulzlit

robert | November 7, 2012  ‐  4 Comments

Lulzlit.com is an “international fiction collective” writing under the pen-name of James T. Raydel. This is an interview with creator Chris Rickaby.

What’s great about this collection of 7 stories is that Chris has taken a fresh approach to transmedia – grounding the stories in a solid theme and interconnecting motifs rather than sticking with the same characters or locations. Readers can choose the stories in any order and in doing so bring different perspectives on how each contributes to the whole.

The main theme is that of probability and multiverses. Chris explains that he draws on the work of  Hugh Everett III and his “many worlds” theory.

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Audience Engagement: Designing for Intrinsic Motivations

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Interactive Storytelling in Real Life

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Presenting at our next Interactive Narratives meetup will be Lauren Davis from Red Lantern and Sara Beadle Programmes Director of Writing West Midlands and Birmingham Book Festival.

The presentation will be about a project called Reliable Witness that saw this store in a Birmingham (UK) mall  become home to a fictional character’s apartment.

These are some of the pictures I took when I visited.

This is the store front in the mall

This is a view of the sofa & coffee table that looms large in the room.

A message on the computer screen directs me to the coffee table

The “secret room” adjacent the living room

The fight outside once I was inside the “secret room”!

Transmedia Lab Presentation

robert | November 3, 2012  ‐  3 Comments

I’m delighted that the presentation I gave to the Transmedia Lab in Spain is now on YouTube!