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Mobile app for Transmedia Storytelling

robert | May 28, 2012  ‐  No Comments

We’re delighted to launch the first ever mobile platform for transmedia storytelling. The press release covers the details but here we’d like to discuss the significance of the event.

As a technology and consulting company our goal is to empower storytellers and democratize transmedia storytelling.  We’re not a studio creating our own content and that means we’re 100% dedicated to the success of our clients – enabling them to deliver connected, personalized, replayable experiences for a fraction of the cost and time were they to build from scratch.

For the first time ever, transmedia storytellers have an end-to-end solution that gets them to market faster without any coding skills. All you need to bring to Conducttr is your creativity.

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Conducttr is a cloud-based network intelligence that allows anyone to create a range of experiences: interactive stories, adventure games, role-playing games, location-based games and even POLS -“plain old linear stories!” .  For audiences, Conducttr Mobile presents this wide range of experiences in a way that is consistent, easy-to-read and easy to understand.  They know their personal data is secure and they’re able to change their contact details at any time and have this ripple through all the pervasive stories & games they’re subscribed to.

For storytellers, Conducttr offers a one-click subscription to your World.

As a portal to transmedia experiences,  Conducttr Mobile increases your World’s chance of discovery among an audience that understands and enjoys transmedia stories.

In addition to our clients who have given valuable input, we’d like to thank our partners who have worked with us on the launch and development of the mobile app: ZipNut Software and BTL Brands.

Conducttr Mobile

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First Mobile Platform for Transmedia Storytelling

robert | May 28, 2012  ‐  8 Comments

This is our press release from May 28th 2012

New mobile app with cloud-based authoring system allows creators of cross-platform experiences to launch faster & cheaper than custom-built approach. 

LAUNCHING TODAY is a mobile app that allows audiences to immerse themselves in stories that blur the boundaries of fiction and reality and digital life and real life.

CONDUCTTR MOBILE is part of a transmedia storytelling ecosystem that provides brands, agencies, publishers, film studios and educators with an end-to-end audience engagement solution. It allows audiences to discover new “Worlds”, access exclusive content, gain achievements, compete and socialize with others, track progress and manage their own contact data. Transmedia storytellers benefit immediately by not having to develop this functionality themselves and can therefore connect to audiences sooner and at significantly lower cost.

The Conducttr ecosystem has three parts:

  • a cloud-based network intelligence for narrative designers
  • an API for developers
  • and a mobile app for audiences.

Stories & games written with Conducttr are told across social media, email, text messaging and any platform that uses the Conducttr API – such as a social or console game, forum, ebook and so on. Often audiences need not be aware of Conducttr because it works as an unseen intelligence orchestrating a personalized, connected experience across platforms.  With the mobile app, transmedia storytellers make a direct connection to their audiences.

Robert Pratten (CEO, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd) launching the app during a keynote presentation to the Transmedia Living Lab in Madrid, Spain said:

“We continue to lower the technical and cost barriers for transmedia storytellers who want to explore new ways of engaging audiences. For stories and experiences hosted by Conducttr in the cloud, the optional use of Conducttr Mobile provides audiences with heightened experience through familiar game-based mechanics such as unlocking exclusive content and gaining XP and achievements for engaging with the storyworld”

Launched today on Conducttr Mobile are:

Conducttr mobile app is available to demo for free via http://www.conducttr.com

Transmedia Storyteller Ltd is an audience engagement technology company founded by Robert Pratten and Alexey Ossikine. For more information go to http://www.tstoryteller.com/press

Audience Participation with Linear TV

robert | May 9, 2012  ‐  8 Comments

Question: In a TV fictional drama that’s been shot and edited, how do you introduce audience participation?

Answer: Make the TV series part of a larger open storyworld and provide additional participation layers.

Too often participation in TV is limited to game shows. Telephone voting evolved to text voting and has now evolved to web-based voting but participation is still largely quiz-based voting. What if the audience could actually enter a fictional drama as their own character and explore the world in such a way that they feel the dilemmas presented to the on-screen characters?

Imagine that the TV show is a train travelling from London to Manchester. It leaves on time, arrives at several train stations on time and will arrive in Manchester on time. Nothing the audience does can change the course of the train or where it stops. This is the fictional drama. The plot points are the train stations – carefully crafted to create drama along the journey.

Now imagine that the audience, instead of watching from a sit back position, could travel on the train carriages. They can’t affect the train journey but they can travel around the train – exploring, interacting with other passengers (some real some computer-controlled), role-playing. The writers have created a rich storyworld – the carriages and the stops along the journey – that allow participation without derailing the train.

Some will prefer to sit back and enjoy the journey and drift away to other entertainment between the episodes. Others will find that participation leads to greater enjoyment through deeper immersion and they will stay engaged with their own drama between episodes.

This participation is possible with Conducttr.