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Measuring Return on Investment in Transmedia

robert | October 27, 2010  ‐  4 Comments

It’s becoming increasingly common to create free content or experiences ┬áto publicize the release of a paid product. For example, a comic book give-away or web video series as a prequel to a AAA game or an ARG (alternative reality game) for a movie.

There are those who wonder if this free content is only for the benefit of existing consumers/fans who would buy the paid content in any case… and hence the question arises “why bother”?

The presentation below explains why free content & experiences make good business sense and how it can be cost-justified (a) if the goals are known [increased awareness, increased advocacy, increased revenue, improved insights] and (b) there is a content strategy to support the goals.

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Transmedia and Augmented Reality

robert | October 14, 2010  ‐  5 Comments

This is a presentation I gave in Silicon Valley to a team exploring Augmented Reality (AR). The goal was to provide an overview of what transmedia was and then to suggest ways in which one might approach using AR as part of a transmedia experience.